I had the task this week of packing up the office which Rob held for many years. Going through books, finding cards he received, and books that he marked up with notes. I came across a handwritten note and was so touched by it that I thought I would share. For those of you who knew him, or heard his words, will know that he truly fulfilled this letter that he wrote. I am proud to share a promise made and a promise kept.


Heavenly Father, I come before you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I make a decision this day, that when I preach your word I will preach it the way you have showed me, I will preach your word and only your word without reservation. I believe that what I preach comes to pass in the name of Jesus, I will act on what I preach and live what I preach.

I believe in the name of the Lord Jesus that your word will always come out of my mouth with power and boldness and that your anointing is always there. I also believe that you are my ability in all circumstances and you will always put me over.

I thank you Father because I preach your word not in man’s wisdom but in the power of God and give you all the glory.

I look at you Father and your word in the name of Jesus and not on situations or circumstances. Jesus Christ is the High Priest of my confession and I will hold fast to my confession of faith in your word. Father, I promise to abide by this promise which I have promised unto you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Rob Carman
Wednesday,  7:30 October 15, 1975

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  1. Oh what an amazing prayer. Pastor Rob surely did keep his promise! I thank God for allowing me to learn from him and if I can only be a small fraction of who he was, then I’m blessed. I know how difficult all of this must be for you Ginger, and my thoughts and prayers are continuous. May the Lord continue to bring you strength, comfort and peace as you walk “through” this difficult season. I always remember Pastor Rob’s words when he said that we are just in transition. We are only “walking through” this life here. He said “it’s like a layover at the airport.” Those analogies stick with me. I cry, and then I smile every time I think about them.
    May God bless you and know that you are loved! ❤️

  2. Such a great example and inspiration. This was written just under 3years before I was born and yet echos to my heart even now.
    Thank you for sharing this special ‘God & Rob’ moment.

    I remember him often and am praying for you Ginger.
    Briefly caught up with Gordon and Jo Moore on Sunday. Gordon preached.

    Thank you from Australia.

  3. Wow thank you so much Ginger , this has inspired me so much to make my own promise to God.
    Rob was a genuine preacher.

  4. HI Ginger,
    Thank you for sharing this note. You and he certainly did this.
    NoraAnn Flynn-Mcdonald

  5. Ginger, thank you for sharing this note with us. He faithfully kept his word and as a result of that kept promise we were all challenged and blessed in Jesus’ presence.
    My prayers for your strength and joy continue.♥️

  6. Thank you for sharing this Ginger! Dr Rob did preach with such power & boldness. His messages resonated with my Spirit & I was always inspired to seek God more & let God lead my life. The Fuller family loves you & so appreciate you!

  7. All I have ever learned concerning my Lord Jesus and of integrity as a man of God I gained from Dr. Rob Carman and Pastor Ginger. I have always tried to emulate this mighty general of God’s army and I am so proud to have been his disciple. I will etch this prayer on my heart and declare with all boldness ME TOO Lord Jesus. Even in death I receive words to live by and the proper way to approach God’s pulpit as I present His inspired, infallible, and inerrant word of truth. Let Dr. Rob’s prayer be mine as well Lord Jesus..,ME TOO LORD. Thank you Ginger for sharing your priceless find.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I think about him every day. Love you!
    – Matt & Sarah

  9. The first time I heard Pastor Rob was at Morningstar, Trinity Dallas, and now C3 Trinity. I connected with his sermons because he seemed to always preach on mental wellness in Jesus Christ’s name. I’m a retired Dallas health teacher and coach. I loved educating students in mental wellness, many times I used Palms and Proverbs as a guide. Pastor Rob is blessed forever now. Thank you for sharing his memories. God bless

  10. Ginger ,first I wana give u my condolences, rob was a Great teacher of GOD my. Mom and grandmother went to his classes in Albuquerque nm back in mid 80’s and graduated . My mom now is diagnosed with parkinsons she always remembered and still remembers his teaching and how it influenced her life each and everyday rob and you have been a part of our lives in many different ways we are greatfully for all that he taught us. So my reasons for this is because he followed through on that letter to GOD and because he did we are Followers of GOD in everyway possible Thank You for all that you have done very Greatful

  11. Dear Rob,
    You probably don’t remember us Rick & Maria Mestas, but you married us almost 38 years ago. We get your emails all the time and enjoy your readings. Wondering if you’re mom is still alive? Curious as to what your children have become. I remember when you left Albuquerque you had a daughter and a son, I’m sure they are adults and probably have their own families by now. It would be nice to hear from you.
    Rick & Maria Mestas

  12. Thank God for preserving this for us…
    One of the great strengths that Rob had and imparted to others was his ability to stay focused and enthused on the centrality of Christ and His Word. He always kept the main thing… the main thing! Thank you Ginger for sharing this treasure! I miss Rob and love you all…

  13. Wow. That is a promise made and definitely a promise kept! What a powerful prayer and commitment to make. One that we should all be so bold to do! Thank you Ginger for sharing this. Once again, I am encouraged and challenged by Rob to grow and be more bold in my walk and my willingness to share the gospel. He is still pressing us all to be stronger! Thanks Rob!

  14. Truly remarkable note to the Lord. This wrecked me. So powerful… And, yes – a promise kept. Well done Rob … and well done Ginger.

  15. That was surely my Pastor. He preached with power and boldness. He brought out the best in people and he will never be forgotten for his loving service to the Lord our God.
    Corina Aragón
    VLF member from the beginning.

  16. What a great treasure to come across. Pastor was truly a man after Gods own heart. Committed to the call. Passionate about his purpose and determined to get the gospel out. I am so thankful for the promise He made to the Father. My life was changed for the better because of the promise he kept. Love you Ginger. You are in my prayers and on my heart. Know that I am here for you.

  17. Thank you for sharing this Ginger.
    Rob was a real man of God and l appreciate the example you two set for us.

  18. It is such a blessing to be connected once again. My daughter and I attended the church in Albuquerque, when you both were pastoring here.
    God bless you

  19. What an Amazing Promise He has Definitely Fulfilled, His preaching Surely Impacted My Life Since 1992. I Was one of millions that was Blessed and taught To Live For Christ. You and Your Family are Truly Blessed and Sanctified and have A place in Heaven. May Our Lord Jesus Continually Bless You Always. You Are God’s Best ❤n🙏

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