Lew Miller was shot five times in WW2. Two bullets went in his arm, one in his shoulder and two in his head. In the hospital his health declined, he lost so much weight that he looked like skin and bones. Then one day something happened to Lew Miller, he made a discovery that is as old as the Bible, in fact, its origin can be found in the Bible.

Jesus at numerous times told people, “Your faith has made you whole” or “According to your faith be it unto you.” Another example Jesus said, “If you can believe you shall have.”

Faith can be activated by one’s imagination, which is precisely what Lew Miller began to do. Lying in that hospital room, he began to live out of his imagination. He painted an image in his mind of a beautiful tomorrow. He saw himself returning home, getting a great job, marrying, raising a family and being active in his community. The miracle began to happen; the weight started coming back, he began to live out his dreams. When his thoughts shifted from worry and fear to faith and hope, it gave his body a chance to heal itself. When our thoughts change, our bodies change! Our positive or negative beliefs act similar to filters on a camera. Changing how we see the world and our biology then adapts to those beliefs. When we understand the power of what we believe we will change our beliefs to the positive, and as we do our life will be lived according to our faith!

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  1. Good morning Rob, this is so true, and it should be mandatory listening for everyone!! a masterpiece ????
    You guys have a wonderful week! ????❤️

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