Our creator created us to be creative, it’s part of our DNA. Never stop creating new goals, dreams, opportunities for your future! Why? The more you are creative, the higher demand you make on God’s life flowing through you. It has been proven that creative people, inventors, researchers, painters, writers, and philosophers not only live longer but remain productive longer than those who are non-creative people.

Michelangelo did some of his best paintings when he was in his eighties. Goethe wrote Faust in his eighties. Thomas Edison was still inventing at ninety. At eighty-five, Picasso dominated the art world; Frank Lloyd Wright was considered the most creative architect at ninety. George Bernard Shaw was still writing plays at ninety; Grandma Moses began painting at seventy-nine.

Always have a dream for your future, and never live in the past! The more enthusiastic you become for life, the more life will come to you.
Then add creativity and activity. It’s true what four Leper’s said that were sitting outside the gates of Samaria in 2Kings 7:4. “If we sit, we will die.” People that stop engaging in social activities stop getting involved in life, become set in their ways, get bored, and give in to their doubts and fears. Since all life adapts to its environment let’s live and create an environment of activity and creativity, and live daily filled with rich dreams and goals, our future filled with life will begin to come our way

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