All things are created twice; there’s a mental or first creation and a physical or second creation. We can see this in almost all areas of life; from the construction of a home, you first have to create every detail in your mind before the work begins. To build a business, if it’s to be successful, you must clearly define what you are trying to accomplish. To the extent that you work through the first creation is the extent that the second creation will work.

The same is true in parenting. If you want to raise reasonable, self-disciplined kids, you have to see this as a core value on the inside, so it shows up on the outside. To varying degrees, we all use this principle in many areas of our life. Before you go on a trip, you have determined your destination, best route, etc. The list goes on from the small things to the large. But here is the default. All things are indeed created twice, but not all first creations are by design. Too often, we allow other people’s opinions, adverse circumstances, and stressful situations to shape much of our lives. When we do this, we have given up on the first creation, so when the second one shows up, and it will, it’s not what we wanted. When the script comes from others and not from God’s principles, we have allowed our lives to become misshaped. Remember, if you let someone else build your life, they will always build it wrong.

Becoming awakened to who we are through God’s eyes, the imagination of our future becomes limitless, and this process can only happen as we see ourselves daily in Christ. Live out of your imagination, which has been set on fire by God and not your memory of failure.

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