Harlan Howard had a boring job while in high school. He washed plates, scrubbed counters and served in the high school cafeteria. He hated his job, but since he was stuck with it he decided to study ice cream, how it was made, the ingredients used, why some were better than others. He studied the chemistry of ice cream. He later became a food chemist and opened up his private laboratory. I’m sure some of the other students that did what he did went on griping and complaining all through life, blaming everyone else for their condition.

Two women working at western union were bored, angry and dissatisfied with their jobs. They didn’t like their co-workers, their boss, and the customers. So they decided to quit. They would do this on a Friday but wanted to go out with a bang. When Friday came, they had baked cookies, made coffee and began to serve their co-workers and customers. As the five o’ clock hour rolled around one turned to the other and said, “Are you ready to quit?” she replied, “No way, I’m having the time of my life.”

Boredom is in the eyes of the beholder, it all depends on how you chose to see life, work, family, etc. Instead of focusing on the negative, begin to look at it another way, at least you have a job, there are others that don’t. You have stress because you are doing a lot. There are many that would love to be in your position and have more to do. Look at life from the positive, create an interest in what you do and where you are, because where your interest is there will be your energy!

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