Howard Hill was the worlds greatest archer! He won 196 archery tournaments in succession. At sixty feet Howard could put an arrow through a prune that sat on top of someone’s head. (If you think that’s something think of the guy with the prune on his head). He set the new world record for the furthest flight in archery, at 391 yards. He killed over 2000 animals with his longbow, including an elephant, and became the first white person to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow.

But with my expertise, I can teach anyone in fifteen minutes to be able to beat Howard Hill, provided we first blindfold Mr. Hill and spin him in circles. You say, “That’s not fair, how can anyone hit a target they can’t see.” And can I add, how can any of us build a life without a plan!

In the story of the feeding of the five thousand, which happens to be the only miracle that appears in all four Gospels. Jesus laid out a plan for life. Mark 6:30-44 describes it.
V-30. They gathered to Jesus; He was their source, everything has a source and can only reach its full capacity if it stays in it. Plants must remain in the soil, fish must live water, for stars they need to stay in space. And for us, it’s God’s presence. We need to be in it.
V-31. He told them to rest. Rest or recreation brings re-creation. Without it, we will wear ourselves out.
V-34. He saw all the people. Our objective in life no matter what we do for a living is people. The best antidepressant is lifting others.
V-36 the disciples saw all the people and wanted to send them away because they had so little to offer them. You will never have enough for the task at hand, but when we use what we have, it will prove to be enough.

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