Your attitude towards life has more to determine what you do and how far you go than anything else. Let me introduce you to two men. As I sat in my office preparing for the week ahead I couldn’t help but notice the man vacuuming our office carpet; he was employed by the firm we had hired. He continually was looking in my direction, and when our eyes caught each other he said, “Can I talk to you?” I discovered that he was a graduate of Stanford University in CA, the valedictorian of his class, a tennis star and voted the most likely to succeed yet fourteen jobs later here he was! It was evident that his attitude about himself had jeopardized his life and future.

Then there’s Clint Brown; I first met Clint through my son. Clint is one of the smallest persons in the world. Only three hundred others have this type of dwarfism yet that never stopped Clint! The first twelve years of his life six were spent in a hospital, he spent two six month periods in a full body cast, had to have three ribs removed to create vertebras on his back.

In 1996 Clint carried the Olympic torch in Atlanta, he became the GM of his basketball team, headed up the NYC little people’s convention which drew 3000 little people from thirty-six nations, and I can go on.

So what’s the difference? The difference is the way life is viewed. We all go through times of difficulties, setbacks, and disappointments, we can allow them to paint within us a failure pattern, or we can let them push us into the law of overcompensation. That’s when the handicap becomes a blessing and not a curse. We are all controlled by our narrative, our story. It builds images, pictures in our minds. The good news is with God’s help we can change the picture and thus change our attitude!

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