The bumblebee has tiny wings and a heavy body. Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee can’t read, so he doesn’t know it, he just flies!

George Dantzig was a mathematics graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley. Arriving late to class, as usual, he quickly copied the two math problems from the blackboard, assuming they were the homework assignment. That evening he sat down to work on them. He found them to be the most difficult problems his professor had ever assigned. Night after night he worked, trying to solve one then the other with no success. But he kept at it.

Several days later, he made a breakthrough and solved both problems. He took the homework to the class the next day. The professor told him to leave it on his desk. His desk was piled so high with papers that George was concerned his homework would get lost. Reluctantly he dropped it off and went on his way. Six weeks later, on a Sunday morning, he was awakened by a pounding on his door. He was startled to see that it was the professor. “George! George!” He shouted, “You solved them!” “Yes of course,” George said. “Wasn’t I suppose to?” It was then that the professor explained that the two problems on the blackboard were not homework; they were two famous outstanding problems that leading mathematicians so far had not been able to solve. George could hardly believe that in only a few days he had solved both of them.

Jesus said all things are possible to you if you believe! When we believe we can, it opens up endless possibilities.

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