The old line is so true, which states, “What you behold you become.” What we practice day in and day out we will so identify with it that we will become it. This is why our identity with Jesus is so important, as we see ourselves in Him we begin to take on His characteristics and behavior, it won’t happen overnight, but it will overtime!

Max Beerbohm wrote a story called “The Happy Hypocrite.” It was about Lord George Hell, who was an unscrupulous villain. Not only was he mean inside, but he also looked the part on the outside. Just seeing his face made people afraid of him. He fell in love with a young girl, little Miss Mere, who was beautiful and innocent. She refused him, because she said, “I can never be the wife of a man whose face is not saintly.”

But because he wanted her so much, Lord George Hell had the finest mask maker make him a saintly mask. With the mask of a saint, he again sought the love of Miss Mere and won it, and they were married. Day by day, he tried to keep up his hypocrisy. He was careful to be unselfish, attentive, and patient. He consistently held in check his evil tendencies to appear saintly.

But one day an old enemy found him, and in the presence of his wife the man tore off Lord Hell’s mask. But when it came off a saintly face was revealed. He had actually become what he had practiced being. Not overnight, but over time.

Practice your faith day by day and what you behold you will become!

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  1. Es increible todas las historias del pastor Rob Carman, para mí son de gran bendición y al aplicarla
    las enseñanzas que el habla acerca de Jesús mi vida ha cambiado que el Señor le siga bendiciendole.

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