The Celebration of Rob’s Life

I want to thank so many of you that have sent personal messages to me regarding the impact that Rob had on your life. Those have been a tremendous blessing to read and reflect on. I need your help in putting those into one place. And this is how.

Get on Fire

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had a contagious enthusiasm for his work. With a singleness of purpose, he had an inner burning desire to be the best possible instrument he could be for the Lord’s work. A small man, weighing only about 127 pounds, he would rise each day at 5 am, and everyday […]

What Do You See?

Napoleon saw Italy, but not the Alps. He had an objective and he knew where he was going. The Alps were simply something to be crossed en route. Washington saw the Hessians massed at Trenton. He didn’t see The Delaware choked with ice. A frozen river was simply a challenge to be overcome on the […]