Life is in The Living

                 One of the most tragic things about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We dream of a better day, or I’ll be happy when I get a better job, or the kids are grown, or I pay off my house. It’s […]

A Forward Look

In the finishing touch, Chuck Swindoll tells about a man he met one Thanksgiving: “With a grin and a twinkle, he whipped out his hand. It was a hand you could strike a match on, toughness by decades of rugged toil. ‘You look like a man who enjoys life. What do you do for a […]

How or Why?

The person who knows “How” will always have a job. However, the person that knows “Why” will always be his boss! After Thomas Edison’s fame had become international, he was advised to have scientists come to his lab and help him understand just why some of his inventions had worked. Edison didn’t see much use […]