Don’t Give Power to the Past

As important as your past was to bring you to your present, dramatically more important is your present to bring you to your future, so why dwell on a past you can’t change when you can focus on a present you can change.  This goes in line with a verse of Scripture from Philippians 3:13 […]

Two Eternities

There are two eternities that we can’t do anything about, the eternity of the past and the eternity of the future! We can’t live in either one, not been for a split second. But by trying to do so, we destroy our bodies and our minds. The only moment we have is today. “Anyone can […]


It has been said that the greatest source of human worry is about tomorrow. It was the first Easter, the women were going to the tomb of Jesus, they had missed the beauty of the sunrise, they didn’t stop to see the glory of the flowers along the way, why? They were worried about who […]