Being Not Doing

What we choose to be is far more important then what we choose to do! From being comes doing, this is why in the book of Genesis, God didn’t make us a living doing but a living being. It’s the men and women who major in “being” that build the greatest character and create the […]

An Attitude Shift

In a subway in New York, people were sitting quietly, some looking at their phones, others listening to music through their earbuds, others resting with their eyes closed. Then suddenly a man and his children entered the subway car. His kids were loud and obnoxious and instantly changed the whole climate of the subway car. […]

Three Cheers!

Often in restaurants, when we gather, we lift our glasses, letting them hit each other, and we all say, “Cheers!” I’ve often wondered where this tradition came from, now I have zero evidence to support my claim, but I think it came from Jesus! Jesus gave us three cheers, and they are considered the greatest […]