Get on Fire

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had a contagious enthusiasm for his work. With a singleness of purpose, he had an inner burning desire to be the best possible instrument he could be for the Lord’s work. A small man, weighing only about 127 pounds, he would rise each day at 5 am, and everyday […]

Little Things

Great results come from little causes! Little things make big things happen. The art of printing went from a person cutting letters from the bark of a tree and pressing them on paper. The telescope was the result of a boys interest with two glasses in his father’s shop where eyeglasses were made, varying their […]

Honest Appreciation

Back when there was zero income tax in the United States a person earning fifty dollars a week was considered well off. The famous steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie paid a thirty-eight-year-old man over a million dollars a year to become the first president of the newly formed United Steel company in 1921. Who was this […]