Develop the Leader in You

Since leadership is someone that leads others, all of us have the capacity to be a leader. So let me give you some practical areas that you can develop in your life that would be beneficial.  Think about each one and do it.  I know it will help you.

How to Earn Trust

There is a saying that trust is the greatest way to motivate others, but you can only give trust to those that are trustworthy. We all desire others to trust us, but have we developed a life of trustworthiness? And if not how? To become trustworthy or worthy of trust we must become predictable and […]

The Value of The Whole

Why Principles? Rules usually apply to specific situations and can be different and change with time, cultures, and countries. But a principle is something that applies and works regardless of time, situations, people or cultures. Principles foster thinking, reason, and train the mind to see beyond, to judge the future based on present circumstances. It […]