A young boy walked into a store and asked if he could use their phone. He dialed the operator and asked to be connected to a certain number. When the connection was made, the boy said, “Hello, Dr. Smith… I’d like to know if you would like to hire a boy to cut your grass and run errands for you?” A moment of silence, then the young boy said, “Oh, you already have a young boy doing all that, is he doing you a good job?” Another pause, “Ok, but are you completely satisfied with his workmanship?” The conversation paused, and he said, “ok then goodbye, Doctor.”

As the boy thanked the store owner for his phone use, the man said, “Wait a minute, son, I need someone that would cut my grass and run errands for me, interested?” The young boy said, “No sir I already have such a job, I work for Dr. Smith, I was just checking up on myself to see if I was doing a good job.”

We all have tunnel vision, and one of the best ways to improve is to ask others their opinion of our work and ask them to be honest. We all have blind spots that others can see. Others can point them out, and if we take their advice, it allows us to improve, and all of us can improve. The fact of the matter is we can’t completely see us, we see parts of us, but it takes people to see people. Friends can be like a hammock that can lift us from the hard ground of reality.

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  1. Thank you. Accountability is vital. My work ethic has declined with this pandemic, working two jobs from home is depressing, lonely and overwhelming. Not having family in the area doesn’t help. And I used to pride myself in how good of a job I used to do. No excuses, I will do better. Many people are unemployed, I get to have two jobs. I need to be more grateful; the loneliness has affected me a lot. Isolation is not healthy. But nonetheless, I need to check up on myself, be more accountable and I need to read your emails more like I used to. You and your ministry has inspired me for over 21 years. Thank you for being consistent despite this pandemic. I stay in my word, it is my only peace in the midst of all this..but nuggets and stories like this really boosted my perspective. I am thankful the Holy Spirit used you to inspire me.

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