How can we live with a constant flow of energy? Is there a law of vitality? This flow of energy develops when we hold thoughts of hopefulness, confidence, positiveness and goodwill. When these types of thoughts dominate our mind, they result in high levels of energy.

The entire universe is charged with a constant flow of energy, since energy is maintained consistently in the physical world we must come to the conclusion that God meant the same for us.

A 53-year-old man complaining about his lack of energy discovered that his tiredness centered in his mind, so he was told to refresh and re-stimulate his thoughts. He did, and his flow of energy returned. We need to understand that much of our physical condition is determined by to a large extent by our emotional and spiritual state. And our emotional life is primarily regulated by our thought pattern! Not just our thoughts but our pattern of thinking. We were created to have life, to have a constant flow of life, and energy. The big question that I’m certain you’re asking is how can I have a constant flow of energy?

1) Don’t be in a hurry. Learn to practice a slower pace of life. When we are in a hurry, we get stressed, agitated, and worked up which drains our energy. Years ago like clock-work on Monday afternoon, I would get a severe headache. Why? Because I was stressed out thinking of all I had to accomplish for that week. When I changed my pace, learned to relax and had the attitude if I didn’t get everything done, there was always tomorrow, the headaches stopped.

2) To maintain a flow of energy we need to realize that much of our tiredness originates in our minds. We become tired because our thoughts are tired. If we desire a flow of energy, we need to reintroduce energy producing thoughts. The right thoughts will free energy, thoughts of hopefulness, confidence, positiveness, thoughts that see and exciting future. Our minds through our thoughts have a significant influence upon our bodies. UCLA Medical Center discovered years ago that our thoughts produce over 2000 chemical changes in our bodies, either good or bad.

3) Think energy, talk energy. When you think it, speak it, you will produce it! As your mind begins to shift into an energy pattern of thinking it will start to eliminate thoughts that drain your energy. Thoughts of excitement and enthusiasm will surge in, and a constant flow of energy will come.
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