The most common and subtlest of all human diseases is fear. And fear is the most disintegrating enemy of our personality. If we allow fear to rule our thinking, it will disturb our days, haunt our nights, it will tangle our minds with obsessions. It will drain our energy, destroy inner peace, reduce our effectiveness, frustrate our ambitions, it’s the poison well out of which our unhappiness is drawn. 

                We must stop it, or it will stop us. 


  1. To break its hold, we must gently but forcibly bring healthier and stronger thoughts into our minds. And the stronger thoughts are faith in God. When faith rather than fear becomes our practice, the virus of fear ends. 
  2. Begin today to fill your mind with fear eliminating passages from the Bible. Absorb at least one scripture on faith daily and allow it to sink deep into your heart. Remember that fear and worry are a conglomeration of sinister shadows, and shadows have no substance. 
  3. The ultimate way of ending the virus of fear is to bring God into every situation. No fear can live in His Presence. The deeper your faith in God becomes, the less power the virus of fear will have over you. Psalm 34:4, “I sought the Lord, and He heard me and delivered me from ALL my fears.” When the virus of fear is eliminated from our minds, we will experience fresh vigor, sharpened insight, and new excitement and enthusiasm. 

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  1. Dios les bendiga muy agradecido por sus devocionales que inspiran confianza vitalidad fuerza a mi ser interior y tranquilidad a mi vida.

  2. Gracias por los devocionales que me inspiran y ayudan a mi crecimeinto personal. Me dan energia fortaleza interior y una confianza en la Palabra. Dios les bendiga un abrazo

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