We don’t need new ideas or methods to heal our emotions. That might sound somewhat strong, but it’s true. Living in a world that has become bombarded with every kind of cure, every kind of new approach, it would do us good to go back to one of the oldest pieces of literature in existence and find the answer. The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible and contains the cure for emotional healing.

Job 22:21, “Acquaint yourself with God and be at peace” the fact is most of us, myself included have done the opposite, we become acquainted with our problems, they consume our thinking, we’ve talked about them to our friends and have googled them to see what others say and have done. We can recite our troubles in our sleep. But the truth in Job says the opposite. Get acquainted with God if you want the peace which brings emotional health!

The more we follow this sound wisdom it goes on to tell us of its benefits. When we begin to think of God, His mercy, His love, and grace, it says, “Good will come to us.” Next, it states, “We will be built up”: Job had become sick worrying about his problems, but as he turned his thoughts towards God, he got built up in body and mind. Then it says, “You will have gold and silver.” He had lost everything, but as his life was put back into harmony with God, His physical needs became supplied.

Then it tells us three more amazing things will happen. “You will have delight or joy.” “Light shall shine upon your ways,” no move darkness and despair, and finally, “When others are down, you will be able to lift them.” Wow, what incredible promises for our lives, but it all starts by daily getting Acquainted with Him.

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