There’s a fascinating story told in the Bible of a man that only had one talent, which represents ability and opportunity. Instead of using it he buried it. A lot of us today are like this man, we have buried ourselves in a prison of hopelessness, despair, and uselessness.

A doctor kept a record over a period of years of the fears of his patients. He found out that 40% were afraid of things that never happened, 30% were fearful because of past events about which they could do nothing, 12% were afraid of some imaginary illness, 10% were afraid of something that might happen to some loved one. Only 8% of the fears had real causes, 92% of the concerns were needless. Real or unreal, fear can cause you to become a locked up person, one that buries their life.

So, how do we unlock our lives? There is a fable about a young bear cub, who was learning how to walk. The little bear said to his mother, “Shall I move my right foot first, or my left foot, or my two front feet together, or the ones on the left side together and then the ones on the right? The mother bear said, “Leave off thinking about it and just walk.” When we think about this problem and that one, we get so confused, and we don’t do anything. But if we will say to God, your will be done, and mean it; we will see the first step and find the strength to take it.

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