As important as your past was to bring you to your present, dramatically more important is your present to bring you to your future, so why dwell on a past you can’t change when you can focus on a present you can change. 

This goes in line with a verse of Scripture from Philippians 3:13 were it tells us to “Forget those things that are behind” note, it tells us to forget the past, it doesn’t say to dig it up.

Yes it’s a fact that buried in our past are unpleasant and painful experiences, but if we consciously dwell on them, feel guilty because of them, keep beating ourselves up over them we will begin to relive them. We can’t have a good future by dragging the past into the present, by doing so the past becomes our future. Or I can say it this way, continually criticizing yourself for past mistakes doesn’t help you, instead it tends to perpetuate the very behavior you want changed. Memories of past failures can adversely affect present performance. The minute that we change our minds, and stop giving power to the past, the past will lose its power over us! There’s an old saying that years ago I made apart of my life, it goes like this, about your past. “Don’t curse it, don’t nurse it, don’t rehearse it, instead disperse it, and God will reverse it!

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  1. Thankyou for the word as i am reminded of not dwell in the past. I repent always nursing the past.
    thak you

  2. Pastor Rob, I am part of your Legacy, as Our Father is in control of my Life I am truly Blessed as a mighty Prayer warrior which he has called me to be. Its so wonderful knowing who you are when you know your father in heaven. Thank you for helping me to grow spiritually.
    Irene Sanchez at 505-340-4859

  3. Hello Rob,

    I hope this message finds you, Ginger, and all of your family both happy and healthy.

    Right off the bat I’d like to express my gratitude for all you have done for my parents. Your friendship has had a great impact in their lives and extends through them, to their friends and of course, our entire family. I thank you on behalf of all that have benefited from your willingness to pour into Jim and Dona Crumbley.

    Secondly, I would like to encourage you. Your words are soaked in experience, filling the listener with tasty lessons for life. Your message is important to share. You have a deep understanding of timeless truths and communicate them with attention-keeping passion. I have always enjoyed your infections showmanship and “lesson-through-story” style, but it is your heart’s submission to the will of God for your life that I admire most.

    The love you have for God, family, His Church, His Word, and the ones you call friends is obvious.

    Keep going, my friend. Keep digging for truths, keep walking in your gift, and keep engaging the hearts and minds of people in your sphere. Never stop writing-speaking-sharing your love with the world. People are certainly better off because of it. I know I am.


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