And what are these evil twins? These evil twins disturb our days, haunt our nights, these twins tangle our mind with obsessions, they drain off our energy, they destroy inner peace, block our prayers, they reduce our effectiveness, frustrate our ambitions, poison the well out of which we draw our happiness. These twins make life a living hell! Who are they?

How do they come? Fear and worry come from a pattern of unhealthy thinking which are both destructive and disintegrating. They are one of the most potent enemies of personality, and they possess the power to break down our health and bring disaster.

To break their hold we must gently but forcibly bring a healthier and stronger idea into our minds. This stronger idea is that of faith in God. When faith, rather than fear becomes our practice, we will master them. Begin to fill your minds with passages from the Bible that eliminate fear and worry. Read and underline each scripture that has to do with faith and each day absorb at least one into your thinking. Remember that fear and worry are a conglomeration of sinister shadows, and a shadow has no substance.

The ultimate way of ending fear and worry is to bring God into every fear situation. No fear can live in His presence. The deeper your faith in God becomes, the less power fear will have over you. Psalm 34:4, “I sought the Lord, and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” Passages like this are like medicine. This type of medicine is not taken by the mouth or by injections; rather it’s received by reading with your eyes and hearing with your ears.

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