Don’t say if things were different; I would do something. Do something anyway. To win you have to face life as it is now. In the 1800’s a young man discovered a vein of gold high up in the mountains. He needed money, knowledge, and abilities beyond him to get it out. He struggled, worked and failed.

Sitting down one night after a long hard day, tired and worn out, he said to himself, “I know where my difficulty is. I don’t know anything about this rock. I don’t know anything about geology, and I don’t know anything about mining, but I will learn.” He went down to the city and met with the head of the mining department in the university. The professor called up the mining engineer, and the young man told him his dilemma. It took weeks to get there, but when the engineer saw it, he said, “There are millions there, but it will cost a lot to get it out.” The young man did what it took, spend over a year, never gave up, acquired the knowledge that he needed and made millions

The problem with so many is not what we want; rather, we want it to come easy. We often hear people say, “If I had a chance, but things got in the way, or circumstances were against me, or, I don’t have the education, the right skill set or ability.” Listen, we all have handicaps, the difference is never allow them to stop us, but instead to push us! When things go wrong, and problems come, find out what went wrong, see what you didn’t do. Face life as it is and go forward to conquer.

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