George Bernard Shaw said the following. “The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not.” So the cure is to get busy and keep busy! In other words, it’s time to spit on your hands and roll up your sleeves, your blood will start circulating, your mind will start thinking, and soon there will be a positive surge of life in your body that will drive out all the negativity from your mind. Get busy and keep busy is the cheapest kind of medicine there is and one of the best!

During the days of WW2, when men came home after the war, they were so shaken from what they had experienced, they were called psychoneurotic. Army doctors decided that the best cure was “keep ‘em busy.” Every minute of these nerve-shocked men was filled with activity; most were outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, playing ball, golf, taking pictures, gardening, and dancing. They were given no time to brood over their terrible experiences. It was called Occupational Therapy. Work was prescribed as though it was medicine, and it had amazing results, merely keeping busy became and still is one of the best anesthetics known to rid one of the dark memories of the past. Keeping busy has a fantastic effect on both body and mind.

Work gets out of us all that God put in us. It makes demands on our creativity, it puts dreams and a future back inside of us. So my advice is to get busy and keep busy.

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