There’s an old story about how the devil wanted to destroy the world, and it reads something like this. “He called his chief assistants, first came anger, who said, “Let me go and destroy man. I will set brother against brother. I will get men angry with each other, and they will destroy themselves.” Next spoke lust. “I will defile men’s minds. I will make love disappear, and men will turn into beasts.” Then greed said, “Allow me to go, and I will instill in men’s hearts the most destructive of all passions, mans own uncontrolled desires will destroy him.”
The twins, gluttony and drunkenness came and told how they could make men’s bodies diseased, their minds corrupt. Envy, jealousy and hate, each described how they could destroy man. Idleness claimed he could do the job. But with none of these was the devil satisfied.

Finally, his last assistant came in. This one said, “I shall talk to man persuasively in terms of all God wants him to be. I shall tell him how fine his plans are, to be honest, clean and brave. I shall encourage him into the good purposes of his life.”

The devil was shocked at such talk. But the assistant continued, “However I shall tell man there is no hurry, he could do all of these things tomorrow. I shall advise him to wait until conditions become more favorable before he starts.” The devil said, “You are the one to destroy man”. His name was Procrastination!

Someone wrote these lines, “He was going to be all a person should be tomorrow. No one should be braver or kinder than he, tomorrow. The greatest of workers this man would have been, tomorrow. But the fact is, he died and faded from view, and all that is left when living is through was a mountain of things he intended to do tomorrow! Don’t let procrastination win. Get started now!

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