Get your WHY back. A noted army psychiatrist said concerning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), “Soldiers don’t mind doing what they do. PTSD occurs when they no longer connect to why they do it.”
Please understand that I’m in no way comparing what a combat soldier goes through and faces after returning home, only to bring out a powerful truth. We all tend to lose our why. Why did I get married, why did I choose this occupation, why do I go to church, why did I give my life to the Lord. And the why’s continue. When we lose our why we lose our way! But when we find our why we find our way!

During the 1600s the nation of Great Britain found themselves in a desperate condition, they had run out of silver. Silver was needed to make the currency, without it there was no currency, thus no economy. Oliver Cromwell, the great political and military leaders of that time, sent out orders to find the silver, only to have his men report back that they could not find anything. Relentlessly Cromwell gave the orders again to, “Find the silver.” After several weeks his men returned with good news, “Mr. Cromwell we have found the silver.” Cromwell replied, “This is wonderful, where is it?” His men responded, “It’s in the cathedrals in the statues of the saints.”

What Cromwell said upon hearing this was amazing and so fitting for us, without silver, there was no currency, and without currency, you have no economy.

Cromwell looked at his men and said. “Meltdown the saints and put them into circulation.” The why of currency is to create an economy, and the way for us is to bring a God currency so we can have a God economy. Our Why is to live a life where God can find expression through us so His economy, His influence can be discovered. It’s time to stop being statues and get melted down.

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