Neil Postman wrote a book years back entitled “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” In his research, he discovered that knowledge derived from images, such as TV, video, encourages a short attention span, disjointed thinking and brings about an emotional response to life.  Imagine that he did all his research before the invention of social media!

It was during his research that Mr. Postman remembered the second commandment, “No graven image” and with it the genius of God! God was saying that it would be through His word, not an image that we would know and understand Him. Mr. Postman went on in his research and discovered that the printed word requires sustained attention, logical analysis, and an active imagination. Today we are already seeing the effects of continuous use of imagery through social media and how it’s having a significant impact on peoples brains, emotions, social skills, etc. It’s incredible that the Ten Commandments addressed this issue thousands of year ago.

The Ten Commandments are not given to impose a constraint on us but to liberate us. God who created us knows how we function at our best. Therefore each of these Ten will bring about for our lives freedom, strength, and fulfillment. These Commandments are a declaration of life! To disobey is to kill our minds, hearts, families, marriages, and friendships. So in conclusion, remember that life is not a possession to be defended, but a gift to be shared!

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