Since God is the ultimate source of all energy and all energy in creation is renewable, it only makes sense that we can have a constant flow of energy, even into old age. But how?
Acts 17:28 tells us, “In Him we live and move and have our being” Let’s examine this verse and see if we can apply it to our lives, if we can tap into God’s energy it will begin to move through our physical lives.

1. In Him, we live. That is we have vitality. Perhaps the most important thing we can do daily is to connect with Him. If there are life and energy in Him, then let’s start each day by expressing His presence. Don’t wake up and get up, instead of upon waking up create the habit of connecting to His presence by repeating and visualizing that He said that He would never leave you or forsake you but would always be with you. Then repeat His great promises, fill your thoughts with faith and hope that this will be a great day.

2. And Move. This means to have dynamic energy. To maintain Gods energy, we must remove all energy draining thoughts, attitudes, and ideas. We cleanse our bodies daily because we know they pick up dirt, well so does our minds and attitudes. At the end of each day remove all thoughts that have accumulated in our thinking that are not in harmony with God’s goodness.

3. And have our being. We need to have a sense of well being. And one of the most potent ways to achieve that is this thought, that almighty God will be our companion, He will stand up for you, help you, and see you through every situation. Affirm throughout the day that God is with you, God is helping you, and God is guiding you. Spend several moments daily visualizing His presence, as we do this we will experience a source of renewable energy.

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