From the finger of God came the light of God which He used to write in solid stone the Ten Commandments. These Ten Commandments have been the cornerstone for all good and prosperous nations, all the fundamental laws of our land hinge on these; therefore they are the penicillin for our problems.

What do they do? They show us boundaries. Everything God made, He made with boundaries. To the stars, planets, land, ocean, rivers and beyond, they all have boundaries. When these boundaries are broken there is always a disaster. When stars leave their boundaries, they die, when oceans leave their boundaries, we call it a tsunami. When rivers break their banks, it’s a flood, and when we break out of God’s boundaries for our life, it doesn’t create freedom it destroys it.

The first of these commandments states, you will have no other gods. This commandment implies that we will have and serve something and tells us that no other god will ever satisfy. Why? Look at some of the following reasons.

The ability of your God determines the quality of your life. If I make him according to the image of myself, I’m very limited.
The Bible tells us the consequences of having the wrong god. When we stop honoring the true God, we craft ideas about life-based upon our feelings, public opinion and culture. We then create a god into the image that we like, one that will never demand a repented heart, an examined life or a changed mind. So, how can we rise to maturity when our eyes are on an image of ourselves? What you worship you will serve, whatever it is.
Jesus told Satan, “I will worship the Lord my God and Him only will I serve.”

Each of these Ten Commandments provides a blueprint for life; God designed them so through them we can experience the full essence of our life. 97% of all Americans believe in them, only 5% can name three of them, and only 13% practice them.

I encourage you to download my series “God’s Ten Commandments” it will provide a blueprint for life and penicillin for your problems.

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