There’s no way you can get through life unless you know how to get through suffering and difficulties, and there’s no way to get through them unless you have a living Hope!

Viktor Frankel survived four of the WW2 death camps including Auschwitz. He describes what he saw and observed about Hope.

First, there was No Hope. “It was all too familiar,” he said. “It began in the morning when the prisoner refused to get up. They had lost all hope; nothing bothered them anymore, we knew they would be dead soon.”

Second, False Hope. Frankel said, “One of the prisoners had a dream, the war would end March 30th, as the day approached it became clear that it would not end. On March 29th he had a fever, March 30th, lost consciousness, March 31st he was dead.”

Third, Temporal hope. Some of the prisoners said if they could just survive, they would get back all they lost. They held onto a hope that they would get back their health, family, wealth, position and profession. After liberation, many went into a deep depression and committed suicide. Their hope was temporal because when they went back home and nothing was the same.

Last Mr. Frankel discovered that the only hope that worked was a hope that nothing can destroy! He said, “The foundation of our soul is what we are living for, our hope! And it’s this hope that determines how we handle our NOW! 1Peter 1:4 says “Our Hope is eternal, incorruptible, undefiled, cannot fade away and is kept in heaven.”

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