From the clothes you wear to the way you look, the profession you chose, the mate you select, the habits you acquire, the moral conduct you portray, were all influenced by the way you see yourself! What we believe about ourselves often imposes rigid and false limits on what we can accomplish. If you accept an idea from yourself, your teachers, parents, friends, or any other sources good or bad, and if you are convinced that, that idea is real, it has the power over you as the hypnotist’s words have over their subjects.

Most people dislike themselves; they wish they were taller, shorter, heavier, or thinner. They develop little confidence in themselves; plagued by persistent inner conflict, which siphons off energy, they get tired in themselves because they are tired of themselves. Yourself, well put! You’ll never get away from you, so if you don’t like you-you’ll be unhappy all your life because you can’t escape you! So to like you, you have to know you! The only way to know you is to let God introduce you to you. As this happens your opinion of yourself will improve until at last, you will enjoy living with yourself. It is of great practical value to learn to like yourself since you must spend so much time with yourself.

As you see yourself through God’s eyes, allow it to form a mental picture. Think regarding this, hold that image persistently, firmly in your consciousness.

1 Peter said, “We are partakers of His divine nature through His great and precious promises.” Marcus Aurelius said, “The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.” We can select the life coloration we desire.

We’ve only scratched the surface. If this is something you desire, download my series “How to Increase Your Influence” and see your life change.

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