Some people seem to be old in their thirties while others that I’ve known are young in their seventies. So the question remains, how old are you? In Noah Webster’s dictionary of 1828, not once does he refer to the calendar or the number of birthdays to define an age. Here’s how he explains it. “Outgrown usefulness; belonging to the last; stale.” What does he have to say about being young? “Youthfully fresh in body or mind or feeling.”

As long as you wake up every day and see your life in front of you and not behind you, as long as you are pursuing a dream for your future, as long as you see possibilities and not the problems, then you are young! A good friend of mine just turned ninety-six. He answered a question about how he was doing, with the response of, “I can’t die, I’ve got too much to do.” That sounds like Caleb in the Bible, who at age eighty-five asked to be given the mountaintop where the giants were. He believed he could conquer them! And he said that he felt vigorous and healthy as he had at the age of forty.

So the question is still, how old are you? When you have a dream for your future, you will always have power in your present. Never think about retirement, retirement is overblown. You can retire from a job but never from a purpose! If you don’t have a dream for your future find someone that does and help them.

So much more can be said on this subject and needs to be, so download my series on “How to Change Your Future” and get started being younger!

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