The world is hungry for energy. You read about it, hear about it, and talk about it. New energy, green energy, alternative sources of energy, wind power, solar power, electric power. Seventeen new natural gas wells are being drilled in Louisiana alone, it is called the bridge fuel. All major car manufacturers are releasing full electric cars. The major conflicts and wars are being fought over energy.

But it doesn’t stop there, a recent article carried by the Dallas Morning News said 56% of Americans are exhausted, tired, and worn out. We are looking for ways to boost our personal energy, trying to get it from all sources from working out, to supplements, energy drinks, coffee and the list goes on. We have fostered a culture looking for anything that will boost our energy. The activities that we get involved in are those that boost our energy. Look at the restaurants on the weekends, they are packed. Why? Because we seem to gain energy from friends, food, and drinks. We are looking for anything that will replace our depleted energy and give us the boost that we need. So how can we boost our daily energy?

1) Stop energy leaks. Get rid of the energy-draining emotions. Think of the effects that negative emotions have on us. Things like worry, fear, anger, anxiety, resentment and unforgiveness. These are consuming our energy. Think of positive emotions such as faith, hope, joy, love, enthusiasm and so on. These create a huge energy boost.

2) Live for today. We plan for the future but we live for the day. Stop adding the two eternities that you can’t do anything about, yesterday and tomorrow. Give your attention to what is needed for the day. Live in the present, not in the past or future. You have sufficient energy for the day.

3) Let go and let God. Do all you can about a situation, but once you’ve done all you can do and you can’t do anymore, let it go, and let God take over. This will relieve from your emotions the anxiety that you feel and give you an instant energy boost.

4) Act as if you had energy. This might sound strange, especially if you have a lack of it but behind this principle is an ancient truth. Shakespeare said, “Assume a virtue and you will have that virtue”. Your will has almost no power over your emotions, but it does have over your actions and actions change emotions.

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