How can you develop your mind? A professor came upon a discovery and with it found out how to develop his mind. One day while getting dressed he was buttoning up his vest, actually his vest wouldn’t button, the reason? His daughter had sewn up the button holes. His fingers were going along as usual in their buttoning the vest when something happened; a button wouldn’t button! He looked down and realized why, but then a new idea was born!

The professor discovered that the fingers could remember. It’s called physiological memory. The mind trains or relegates functions to our body. In other words, as long as we keep doing the things we always do our minds won’t work. But when we are forced to do it a different way, go a different direction, get out of the box of routine, it activates our minds again. Physical life brings happiness, but mental life brings interest, a consuming and absorbing interest. Our mental development should not end with school; we must become a student of life. Stagnant minds are the greatest obstacles to progress.

How can we develop our minds? Nobody is born a genius. The famous Thomas Carlyle said the definition of a genius is, “An infinite capacity for hard work.” Today with all the technology and access to information we have become no more than headliners, knowing a little bit about a lot. Let’s be the person that at least knows one thing well! Like the Apostle Paul who said in Philippians 3:13, “This one thing I do.” Make a decision and determine to know one thing well.

Next, read the right type of books, they will stimulate your brains and improve your understanding. The right kind of books are the ones that help you prepare for opportunities. Also learn to think creatively, when a new thought, idea or concept comes think of ways to apply it to your life. Venture courageously into new mental realms. Finally, don’t stop until that good idea, thought or concept pushes you into new arenas.

Maybe you’re thinking “I can’t do that” or “I’m not that smart.” Stop thinking about what you can’t do, instead, what can you do? Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far? If not, your job is to know how much more mental ability you have, then dare to use it. Remember, things multiply when shared. So create discussions with others that like yourself who want to do things in life.

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