To understand the Bible start with Jesus! All that was written in the Bible before Him was in preparation for His coming. All that was written in the Bible after Him was to understand His coming. God knew that words could be interpreted into what whatever you want, so He said if you wish to know Me and see Me, look at Jesus!

Start in the book of Mark, it’s not only the shortest of the four Gospels, but it’s considered the one that holds the greatest picture of Jesus.

Read it uncritically. The first time you saw the ocean or a vast mountain range, or the brilliance of sunrise, did you stop and try to analyze every detail? No, you just looked at its magnificent beauty. Look at Jesus the same way, when you see Him in the book of Mark, don’t worry about every little detail, just see Him.

Read imaginatively. Let yourself be carried across the centuries. Picture each scene as you read and let it come alive in your imagination and then see yourself in that scene.

Read devotionally. Don’t seek information when you read it, instead seek to meet a person.

When my wife and I met, we lived in different states, so for the first six months, our relationship was built on letters to each other. When I received hers I didn’t critique it, analyze it, or try to read something into it. I allowed her letters to paint a picture of her; I could feel her heart, her kindness, and I could see life through her eyes. Let’s do the same as we read about Jesus.

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