The lobster doesn’t have much ambition. When the tide of the ocean rises, it carries him to the rocks, but as the tide goes out, the lobster will stay on the rocks and bake from the heat of the sun. To live all he has to do is make a small effort and begin to move towards the water. A lot of people are human lobsters waiting for their tide to come in, waiting for the big break, or the breakthrough. So they stay where they are just floating through life. Don’t float, only dead fish float!

Make up your mind that you will put your dreams into blueprints, and then with the design in hand, you will go to work. Nothing works unless you do! Don’t just get by, don’t be satisfied where you are. Wherever you are or planning to be or do, be the best that you can be. We all can improve, we can develop our gifts and abilities.

A picture was sent to me recently of someone that I grew up with, at one time we shared the same values, had the same experiences. But something happened to me that never happened to him. I encountered Jesus Christ, and my entire picture of life changed, my world got big and expansive, he remained the same. He is just surviving; I’m thriving. He sees life as a struggle, I see it as a joy and a challenge. He sees work as a means to an end; I see work as a tool to pull out of me all that God put in me.

Don’t float, don’t live in the isolation of small thinking. Get God’s estimation of your life and start moving towards the tide of God’s goodness and His bigness.

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