In the book “In search of excellence,” Tom Peters says, “There’s nothing more useless than someone who comes to the end of the day and congratulates himself, saying, “well, I made it through the day without screwing up.” Yet that’s what many people do by practicing a life of inactivity, playing it safe, wanting to remain neutral.
Rather than living with a significant purpose and pursuing worthy objectives, they avoid them because of the possible pain they might bring.

Years ago, I heard a story about a soldier who fought in the Civil War; trying to avoid being shot, he decided to wear the south’s uniform on the front and the north on his back. They found him shot in the front and back!
When we practice inactivity, neutrality, we bring about the following lifestyle.

Self-pity. We feel sorry for ourselves, and as time goes on, we take less responsibility because of inactivity and see ourselves as victims.

Excuses. Inaction requires zero responsibility because we simply blame others for what is happening to us instead of standing up and going forward.

Misused Energy. God put energy in all of us; use it or lose it. The inactive person finds themselves tired all the time, where active, purpose-driven people are filled with energy!

Hopelessness. If allowed to run its course, inactive people will lose their hope. And if there’s no hope in your future, there will be no power in your present!
So, get active, and you’ll be activated.

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