It’s never too late! David Flood was born and raised in Sweden, committed himself to God at a young age, later married and in 1921 left for Africa as a missionary. He felt a burning in his heart to go and reach those that have never heard the gospel. It was a hard life, hostile and there was a constant danger.

David and his wife had two children, and after their second was born, his wife died. Filled with discouragement and devastated realizing that he only had one convert, a young boy, David left Africa and went back to Sweden.

He took his son with him and left his daughter, as she was too ill to travel. He married again, and that failed. He turned from God for forty years. His daughter grew up in America but never forgot her Dad. She traveled to Sweden to look for him, and when she found him, he had become a drunk. She told him of his one convert, the young African boy and how he had grown up to touch thousands of lives! David repented after forty years of failure and finished strong with only six months to live.

Finishing strong doesn’t mean finishing unblemished, finishing strong doesn’t mean finishing perfect, that’s impossible. It does mean to get up and keep going until you do finish! It means don’t quit!

The Bible says a righteous man can fall seven times and get back up. Finishing strong means Getting Up! Not quitting! You might not be where David Flood was, but you may be discouraged. Never think that things can’t change because of your mistakes. Get up, don’t quit, get going, it’s not over!

Download this message “Finishing Strong.” It will change your future.

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