A woman bought her husband a bass fiddle with the hope that he would learn how to play it. As the weeks and months passed, he only played one note. In her quest for him to get beyond the one note, she took him to a concert. As the orchestra was performing, she pointed to the man playing the bass fiddle. “Look,” she said, “that’s how you are supposed to play it.”

With that, her husband replied, “He’s looking for his note. I’ve already found mine.” So they called him Johnny one note.

Funny story, but let me tell you of another great composer named Gioacchino Rossini. He would often go to small villages in Italy, ones that couldn’t afford an opera, and he would write an opera and have the people in the town perform. One summer, he auditioned all of the talent in this small village, and the only woman who could possibly be the leading lady was limited to only one note, a middle B-Flat. Rossini was not discouraged; he went right on and wrote the opera in which the leading lady had only one note to sing. But, he surrounded that middle B-Flat with beautiful harmony, so when she sang her one note, it made her sound like an angel from heaven.

This is what we need to do, sing the one note you have, then God will surround you in such a way that the effort you make will be awesome.

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