When Captain Cook set out in search of the North Pole, one of the men who were part of his team was Dr. Solander, he was from Sweden, and he served in a naturalist’s capacity. The trip was made in the middle of winter, a cold south wind accompanied by driving snow caught the team by surprise, while they were still some distance from their destination. Dr. Solander called all the men around him and said very soberly, “I have some experience of this in my own country, but you have none. Now, attend to my advice, for upon it depends your lives. We must resolutely set our faces to get back to the encampment, and with never a stop, for the danger lies in falling asleep.”

The party leader asked, “I suppose we shall get horrible tired?” Solander replied, “Of course…but it will be a chance to see what we are made of. I warn you…the men, as their blood grows cold, will ask to be allowed to rest. Do not permit it for a moment, urge them, urge them with blows, with the bayonet, if necessary. Remember, the wish to stop is the first symptom of the blood refusing to circulate, to yield to it is death.”

I’m confident that none of us have faced a condition like this; however, we all face situations where we’d like to quit, stop, and forget moving forward. Perhaps no greater words have ever been spoken than those that came from the mouth of four lepers found in 2 Kings 7:3. When they said, “If we sit here, we shall die.” When we start moving, things on the inside and outside start circulating, and as they circulate, things start happening again in the positive. Keep Moving!

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