We’ve all had splinters in our fingers or hands, if the splinter is removed and the wound remains clean it heals, however, if the splinter remains then infection can set in. It gets worse because the wound has a foreign object in it. The wound is unclean.

The human mind and emotions respond just like our bodies. Our mind and emotions can be wounded and if we don’t deal with them, they will get infected and can destroy our lives. Sorrow is a wound. But sorrow is a clean wound, and unless something gets into it, like self-pity or bitterness, the emotions that have been wounded by sorrow will heal.

The challenge in any wound is what we allow to enter it, as long as it remains clean it will always heal. But far too often after the wound, we allow unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, to enter the wound which will cause it to become infected. The key is to remove and keep out anything that will infect it. I have seen first hand the result of bitterness entering an emotional wound until it became so aggressive that this individual died, not from the physical disease but from the growth of unforgiveness that poisoned their body.

There will always be situations, people and problems that we encounter that can if we allow them to infect our lives. It’s in the daily removal of these splinters that our hurts, disappointments and even tragedies can be turned to good. So keep your wounds clean and God will use them to help others.

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