Several years ago a group of theologians and scientists began to study the paintings that cover the ceiling of the famous Sistine Chapel in Rome. In their study they were trying to determine what Michael Angelo had in mind, the colors were dull and muted, so they thought that perhaps the great Michael Angelo was trying to communicate that God was at a distance, or in the shadows of our life’s. The debate went on for some time, and they later discovered that they were utterly wrong. A team of Japanese extractors came in, and with the use of special sponges and chemicals, they made an amazing discovery!

Because of the years of candles being lite in the chapel the soot had filled the paintings. As they extracted it, they saw that Michael Angelo had actually used the most vibrant, bright and beautiful colors to depict creation, God, Jesus and all the Bible stories.

Psalm 123:1 “I will lift up my eyes to the hills.” When our eyes are lifted from our problems, when our eyes are taken off our worries, difficulties, and defeats and placed on God’s goodness and grace, upon His bigness for our lives,the soot of life comes out, and His brilliance and beauty shine from our lives. Don’t live in darkness when He is the light of the world!! God did not create you for a dull existence but a rich and full life. Get the impurities out, and His color will come to it!

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