Light is one of the most cheerful and positive things this world knows. Admiral Robert E. Peary who discovered the North Pole told about his long journey there. He said the greatest obstacle to overcome in the Arctic was not the cold but the long darkness. The continual absence of light took away the spirit of the men.

Why is light so powerful? Because light creates shadows, in other words, if there were no light, there would be no shadows! In our world today with our twenty-four-hour news cycle, we see and hear all about the shadows. Shadows of crime, shadows of war, discrimination, injustice, shadows of a toxic culture, of our low state of morals, etc.… But remember that shadows are created by light, and if there weren’t any light, there would be no shadows. Shadows are the evidence of the existence of light, so shadows can and should become a source of encouragement and strength — the brighter the light, the deeper the shadows.

A lovely flower and an ugly weed are the same in the darkness. It’s when light shines on them that we can see the difference. And it’s only in the light that we see the difference between a life lived for God and one that’s not. It’s only in the light that we see ourselves, our failures, mistakes, and our great possibilities. That’s why Jesus came as The Light of the World.

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