Great results come from little causes! Little things make big things happen. The art of printing went from a person cutting letters from the bark of a tree and pressing them on paper. The telescope was the result of a boys interest with two glasses in his father’s shop where eyeglasses were made, varying their distance between them and observing the effect. A spark of fire, falling upon chemicals led to the invention of gunpowder. Goodyear forgot about his skillet until it was red hot, and the accident guided him to the manufacture of vulcanized rubber. The waving of a shirt before the fire led to the idea of a balloon.

Little things do make big things happen. But too often we only look for the big and forget the day to day. It’s the day to day that can cause the big things to happen. A banker in the city of Paris was approached by a young man who asked him for a job, “not now” the banker replied. As the young man left the banker continued to watch him as he walked down the street, as he was doing so, the young man stopped to pick up a pin and fasten it to the collar of his coat. This small act revealed to the banker a quality indispensable to a successful financier. He called the young man back, hired him, and in the process of time, that young man became the most distinguished banker in Paris. Not only do little things make big things happen, but little things also reveal the big things in us.

Great results come from little causes! Our life is the succession of little things. The key is to do the little things like they were big things, then big things can be born.

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