The average life contains between twenty thousand and thirty thousand days, and the good news is that God gives them to us one at a time. If we learn the value of living each day as it comes, we will create the material for God to build for us a great future. It’s the material of today that builds our tomorrow. However, if I live with regret over yesterday and worry about tomorrow, I’m never fully present and will find my life simply recycling the regret of yesterday and the worry of the future.

How can we make every day a great day?

1. See each day as a gift from God. God gives us life in twenty-four-hour segments. At the beginning of creation He made days, and after each of those days, He said: “it is good.” So take each day and live it, love it and fill it with expectancy.

2. Begin each day with God. Psychologists say that the whole day is conditioned by two five minute periods, the first five minutes when you wake up and the five minutes before you fall asleep. Psalm 92:1&2 says the same thing. “It’s a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord…to show forth His lovingkindness in the morning and His faithfulness at night.” Wake up each day and fill your thoughts with joy and excitement.

3. Plan a good day. Good things seldom happen unless we plan for them. Make a plan by writing it down. Then go out and live it.

4. Enjoy a good day. Intentionally savor the good things each day brings. Enjoy the mornings, the sunrise, trees, birds, plants, the beauty of the sky. Enjoy your family, friends and everyone you meet. But most of all believe that each day will bring God’s miracles and surprises.

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