Suppose you are at a bus stop when all of a sudden a stranger walks up to you and says, “The name of the persons are, Peter, John and Sam” then they vanish. You understand the words, but they don’t make sense! The only way they would make sense is if you knew the story into which they fit. So you begin to think, maybe he’s mentally ill, or perhaps he’s trying to give me a hidden message, what if someone is trying to kill him, and those are their names. Or still, he’s a spy, and those names are a code. In any case, if you get the story wrong your response to the story will be wrong.

And if you get your story wrong, if you see life as all about you, yourself fulfillment rather than God’s love working through you, then your response will be incorrect. This thought is critical, so listen. All of our actions are a response to our narrative! All of us are living out of a story. Our story might have come from personal struggles, difficulties that we have overcome, or a betrayal, the prejudice of others, etc. Regardless of how the story of our life started or how it is evolving it has become the filter for all our choices and decisions. God will come to us with His story, and His story is shown through His son, Jesus Christ, who came full of grace and truth. Through God’s story, our filter gets changed, transformed and we begin to see the meaning of life which is to love God and love our neighbor, and we do this through our service, our work.

In the very beginning when Adam disobeyed God by listening to Satan, God came to him and asked him a question. He said, “Who told you that you were naked?” Who told you? That’s the same question to us, Who told you? If He can change The Who told you of your life, He can change the story and change you!

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