In this day of social media, we can easily get caught up in an image-driven life, a “Me-First.” Me-first people never find happiness because their favorite charity is themselves. Me-first people blame others for their mistakes. Me-first people are the ones that get left out from having real friendships.

The number one temptation of Me-first people is faultfinding, and out of that comes jealousy, self-depreciation, and even hating oneself.  So let’s stop being a Me-first person. How, you might ask? Jesus told us in Matthew 10:39, “He that loses his life for my sake shall find it” that is, you will find your greater self when you find something greater than yourself to give your life to.

A happy person lives for gratitude, not for granted. A happy person is governed not by what they dislike but by what they admire. Happy people see good in others; in the four Gospels, you find that Jesus never criticized a sinner. He didn’t approve of their sins, but He affirmed them. Happy people are always eager to give and willing to receive. They realize that life is too short to be unhappy. And for happy people, the problems of life are changed into challenges and opportunities. So let’s stop being an image-driven Me-First and be a God lead others first.

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