Don’t make major decisions in times of stress, confusion or pressure. Why? Because one day can change everything! In 2008 I watched the stock market drop 900 points in one day! People panicked, including me, then a few days later in gained back all of its losses in one day! Don’t pass judgment on a day, what looks like a bad day can become a turning point in your life. Remember, pressure always magnifies, it makes things look bigger than they are.

What attitudes can we develop to push us through the rough days? Listen to this story. Earl P Haney had a lot to lose, and in the 1920s Earl had lost it all. He said, “I was so worried that ulcers began eating the lining of my stomach. One night I had a terrible hemorrhage. I was rushed to the hospital, and my weight had dropped from 175 pounds to 90 pounds. I was warned not even to lift my hand. Three doctors, including an ulcer specialist, said my case was incurable.” Earl lived on alkaline powders and a tablespoon of half cream and half milk every hour. He had to have his stomach pumped twice daily. It was then that he said to himself, “Earl since you have nothing to look forward to except a lingering death you might as well make the most of the time you have left.” He always wanted to go around the world on an ocean liner. He arranged for his casket to be on board with orders to be placed in the deep freeze and returned to Nebraska for burial on the family farm. But something happened!

Within days after travel he began to feel better, he started smoking long black cigars and eating everything. He began to live, his weight came back on, and by the time he saw India and China he thought, “I don’t have it bad at all.” Why did all this happen? What did Earl P. Haney discover? He merely followed the Bible advice expressed in the story of the four Lepers from 2 Kings 7:3-4 which is, when you accept the worst you have nothing more to lose, so you have EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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  1. Hey Dr. Rob! It was WONDERFUL seeing you and Ginger at church! What a cool surprise! Thanks for talking to me about my adventures and the Solomon Islands. We checked it out on the way home and there are 2 Christian schools in the Capitol. Which one were you specifically talking about? Take care and God Bless!
    Love, Suzanne

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