When Columbus was in search for the New World, his ship’s crew became discouraged and rose in rebellion. They insisted upon turning back, and they had concluded that there was no new world to be found. Columbus would not give up nor give in. Still, under the circumstances he did compromise with them; and he promised that, if they were patient and faithful three more days he would abandon the trip and turn back if they did not discover anything. But before the three days had expired, the new world burst into view.

Those last three days saved the expedition from disaster and disgrace, those three days represented a fraction of his life, there were months and years of labor, study, and care spent, requiring decisions, energy and courage. If he had quit to soon, there would have been nothing to justify his years of struggle. But those last three days changed everything.

It’s the same with us; it might be the value of one day or one hour in accomplishing our purpose, it might be one more phone call, text or email. It’s always too soon to quit. When we quit too soon, we are left with the struggle but nothing to justify the battle. Stay with it, and there will be a breakthrough a new beginning. Let me encourage you to pray one more time, live one more day, get up one more time. It is the “one more time” that changes all the previous times.
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