An interesting concept is taken from the book of Romans 12:21. Much of our time, energy and strength was wasted because we don’t get the power of this scripture, instead of overcoming evil with good, we try to fight it. Emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, and stress cannot be removed by willpower to fight them off. Bad feelings are not dispelled by a conscience effort. So if we can’t drive out negative emotions by making a frontal assault, how can we do it?

Since emotions follow our thoughts, we can only overcome them by filling our minds and imagination with good, positive thoughts, wholesome, desirable images, imaginations, and memories. By doing this, we are overcoming evil with good.

On the other hand, if we concentrate only upon driving it out, or attacking worry, it causes us to focus on the negatives. Even if we become successful in driving out one worry or thought, a new one or several more are likely to rush in and take their place. Jesus warned us of this when He talked about sweeping our mind clean of one demon, only to have seven new ones move in, so He said you have to fill the house with the good. Dr. Matthew Chappem said, “We habitually indulge in negative imagery out of the past, and in anticipating the future, this worry creates tension. The worrier then makes an “effort” to stop worrying, and is caught in a vicious cycle. Effort increases tension. Tension provides a worrying atmosphere. The only cure for worry, is to make a habit of immediately substituting pleasant, wholesome, mental images to replace the worry image.”

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